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Of The Flora

Mindful Plant Care Journal

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The Mindful Plant Care Journal is all about taking time for yourself and connecting with nature. In a world where we dread Mondays and spend far more time in front of screens than engaging with nature, small changes in the way we care for ourselves and our plants can be very impactful.

This plant care journal will take you through questions and goal setting to help you get to know your houseplants better, feel more confident in your plant-care, and empower you to be present in your self-care.

It includes a plant care key, roadmap, intentional goal planning, gratitude, 12 plant care lessons, questions to reflect on plant care and self care, goal setting, 12 monthly calendars to keep track of watering, fertilizing, transplanting, self-care goals etc, and a lined space for notes.

All calendars are undated which allows user to start at any month during the year. Or do the reflections in preferred order. 

Plant care includes: light, soil, water, pruning, humidity, pests, roots, temperature, fertilizer, and transplanting. Each quick lesson and tip is easy to understand and apply.

5.5"x 9.5" black wire coil journal with a soft touch cover and uncoated smooth pages.

Stacey used her experience and education in ornamental horticulture, therapeutic horticulture, and human development to write and design this journal. If you have any questions about this journal, how to use it, or why it would be a good fit for you, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Jameson
Love this book!

This journal has reshaped the way I think about my plants. Before plants felt like a chore needing care. Now I am more connected and feel like its a give and take relationship. Caring for them is a joy, not a chore. I'm more confident pruning and transplanting them.
A plant we've had for 5 years has bloomed for the first time!
This journal is informative and succinct. I highly recommend it.

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