Of The Flora-

a sense of connectedness when flora fills your spaces

....and maybe doing a little dance because those plant vibes make you feel so dang good!

Of The Flora

Of The Flora creates illustrated art and goods for the flora lover.

All of our art + paper goods are designed to help you connect with nature in the spaces where you spend the most time. Think flowery art on the walls of your living room, happy houseplant notepads in your office, or celebrating your best friend's birthday with an illustrated sunshine card out on the patio. Even an image of nature can boost your mood, and Of The Flora goods are designed to do just that!

We’re a female-owned small business located in Grand Rapids, MI who values eco-friendly materials and creating designs in limited quantities to help reduce waste.

Every purchase helps give back to the Sunshine Kids Foundation."The Sunshine Kids Foundation adds quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with exciting, positive group activities, so they may once again do what kids are meant to do . . . have fun and celebrate life!"

We’re located in Grand Rapids, MI but you can shop all our goods online.

Stacey Yuccas, owner of Of The Flora, draws on her ipad to create nature-inspired designs.

About the Artist

Stacey Yuccas is the artist and designer behind Of The Flora. Her designs are heavily inspired by mindful connection to nature {flowers & plants}, organic shapes, and leisure. 

She is influenced by 10+ years as a floral designer with a background in ornamental horticulture and horticultural therapy. Her degree in human development and women’s studies encouraged her to seek positive leisure experiences and small ways to improve quality of life for both self and others. 

Bringing Of The Flora to life was the perfect way to merge her love of design, mindful connection with nature, and improving overall quality of life through simple, everyday choices. She hopes her nature-based art and paper goods will bring you small moments of joy and fill your space with little reminders to be present, enjoy the little things in life, and of course, connect with nature!

Reach out at: oftheflora@gmail.com