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How to Write a Meaningful Card

Have you ever stopped to look at the handwriting of someone you love? It can evoke memories and bring a sense of nostalgia or delight. While a hand written gift is often overlooked in our digital world, it's an opportunity to gift something very special and personal. 

Personally, I always have a couple of cards from friends or family in my kitchen. If I’m having a hard day I can look at them and be reminded that someone was thinking of me. 

Picking out a card for someone is really fun! After you've found one they'll like, you get to personalize it even more by writing a message on the inside. But what if you don't know where to start?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, "How do I write a meaningful card?" You’re in the right place. 

Start with these simple steps to get your ideas flowing and see an example of how to use these ideas in a card below.

  • Writing a memorable greeting card starts with your own handwriting
    • It instantly makes it personal, thoughtful and unique to you! While sending a thoughtful text or online greeting card is special, it lacks the “fingerprint” of a card completely distinctive to you.
  • Think about the reason you’re sending the card
    • Is it for a holiday? A special occasion? To celebrate? The reason for the card will put you in the mindset of why you’re doing this in the first place. Know your why, and then ask yourself, “what is the best tone going forward?” 
    • Address the reason first (your why) with whatever level of excitement or formality (your tone) you see fit.
  • Think of something you love, admire or enjoy about that person
    • A card is a great way to let your recipient know they’re special. Make them feel good! Try to think of something specific about them that makes them who they are. You can even tie it into the occasion. 
  • Add in a fun memory
    • Who doesn’t love a good memory that fills them with nostalgia? This can be silly or meaningful. Maybe you’ve known someone for 10+ years, why not celebrate that?
    • If you don’t have any fond memories yet, tell them how you can’t wait to make memories with them. Or simply that you’re thankful for them
  • Wish them well
    • After you’ve made them feel special and smile by going down memory lane, wish them well. Send them happy holidays or best wishes for their week ahead. 
  • Sign your name
    • Last but not least, sign your name. Let them know who is thinking of them. 

These steps will give you a base to start writing your card. Each recipient is unique and this will allow you to customize the steps to make it special to them and sound like you. It becomes a personalized gift they can look back on for years to come and think of you.

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See an example of a thoughtful card message below:


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